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What is Unique Value Proposition?

The Unique Value Proposition is the value a customer gets from your product.

Whatever it is in the world you’re selling, services to Pizzas, it is the perceived value a customer gets from your product.  

For example when your potential customer is shopping around on Amazon looks at your product and looks at other sellers products. What is it that when they look at your listing, is going to perceived as more valuable and unique than your competitions.

Beard Unique Value Proposition

The general strategy behind your product and brand, the big picture.

Who are you? What is your brand, logo, general design and feel? For these questions, you should have detailed answers that define your business/products.

You’re an outfit, a company, and you want your customer to get that confidence and to get that feeling that they’re purchasing from something that’s bigger than just an individual.  

Giving the customer the impression that you are not just an Amazon seller but a brand that’s really enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the product and niche is key.

For example, say the fitness ladder. We looked at what SKLZ had to offer (click here to see it). They had great images and perceived value with the added bonuses that were being included in the product.

SKLZ - Training Ladder. Offering Massive Value


They look like a big, established company that has a lot of products and is very into what they’re selling. Their general strategy is basically that they’re fitness people selling fitness products. You get a huge sense of confidence when you look at their listings or ones like it.

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More Competition Requires A-Game Tactics

One thing to take into consideration here with the Unique Value Proposition is the more competitive your niche or the product, the more unique you must be. Now, one of the most competitive products you see for sale on Amazon is the silicone oven gloves.

If you’re going to sell them, your unique value proposition must be something super awesome that’s going to get a customer to come to your listing over the others. Your customer needs to look at your listing and go, “Overall the other listings, I’m going to buy from this guy!”.  

Going into a competitive niche? Then you need to offer a Unique Value Proposition that’ll blow your competition out of the water.

Silicone Oven Gloves - Unique Value Proposition

For example, if you’re buying a silicone oven glove, then you’re obviously going to be using an oven. That means cooking doing things related to cooking that involve holding hot things.  

Offer a recipe book or some sort of barbecue tips because you’re using it for barbecuing

20 different ways to improve the use of your silicone gloves. Or…

“10 different uses for the silicone glove that you never thought of!”

Offer an accessory for the silicone glove, that compliments it and is something the customer can see themselves using.

The point is you need perceived value to be above your competition.

If you look at that training ladder with the accessories and with the jump rope for Master of Muscle, it’s just got those extra things that really do make the competition tiny in comparison.

What to Offer?

Offering a load of random stuff is not value. Nor is just assuming you know what your customer wants.

You need to understand what your customer wants, what they’re into and their pain points.

If we take protein shakes for example. This customer is into training and getting more muscles and looking really toned.

Basically increasing in size.

Get Into Your Products

It’s a very good assumption that they are not only into fitness but also extremely knowledgeable about it too. They’re very into their products, their diet, and everything that goes with it.

You need to be able to add and show that your product has got everything they need.

List in detail the ingredients of your product.

What will the product do to better their life?  How long it will take to do it.

If someone is buying Whey Protein, they’re obviously very careful with their diet as well. Including a diet plan or a “Carb Killer Cookbook”.

Being an authority in your niche will develop trust and loyalty.

It is also why influencer marketing is so effective.

Whey Protein - Not Very Unique


Once You Know It’s Time to Go

Once you know what to offer and are seeing results, capitalise on it and always offer more than your competition.

Like Whey Protein on Amazon is super, super competitive but there is still room to beat that competition because people are not giving a unique value proposition.

They’re not showing their brand to the fullest extent, they’re not showing the big picture, and they’re not giving and exceeding their customer’s expectations.

It all looks like the same product in different coloured tubs.

If you want to have a brand, and you want to private label, and you want to be successful and sit top. Have everyone buying off of you, you need to go above and beyond.

That is the unique value proposition.