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A high converting Amazon listing is not just a page that customers go to to check out your product. It’s a tool to present your products in a clear and professional manner that will convert the maximum amount of customers.

This will intern push your listing to the top of the Amazon rankings getting you, even more, customer and sales.

Before setting up an Amazon listing or even just setting up on Amazon you need to understand what the goal is for selling there in the first place.


First-time Buyers

Amazon is a great place to get started when selling in eCommerce and can take your business from nothing into the millions each year.

It is also amazing for taking the first-time buyer to your brand and products and making them raving fans who will purchase from time and time again.

The “raving fan” part, however, is not created by Amazon it is created by you and how you interact with your customer and eventually extract them from Amazon into your own email lists and get them shopping from your eCommerce store where you are in full control.

Extracting customers from Amazon enables you to eliminate the competition which surrounds you on the Amazon Marketplace and be able to market to your customers and interact with them completely on your terms.

This gives you a business that will be worth a huge amount and secure your future.




The Downside & Risk

Every product on Amazon is subject to the Product Life Cycle. The span of this cycle varies between products and niches and sometimes it can take some time but eventually, sales will decline. This can be due to more competition in the marketplace or customers just aren’t interested in your product anymore.

Amazon Listing - The Product Lifecycle

What’s the solution?

Building your own assets and brand equity is the best, tried and tested methods to capitalize on the Amazon powerhouse.

Having a website, customer email list, messaging and social media combined with solid branding will retain your customers and get loyalty.


So why start with Amazon?

Good question. Here are some unbelievable statistics as to why Amazon is the perfect place to start and build your eCommerce business.


  1. Nearly 60% of people in the US start searching for their intended product on Amazon first. This makes Amazon the biggest product search engine in the world by far and is definitely a must location to position your products.
  2. 46% of all US sales online are done on Amazon.com. Which equates to a huge amount of people, money and potential customers for you.
  3. 304 million people in the US are Amazon members. This means the vast majority of people in the US are Amazon shoppers.


Amazon Listing - Amazon Stats


These figures are just for US customers but really illustrate how dominant Amazon is in the eCommerce world.

Aside from seeing Amazon as a way to syphon off customers to and create your own customer base, it is absolutely imperative to always have a strong presence on there due to the huge number of users.

If you decide not to go the Amazon route it will only give your competition a huge advantage.

There is also a huge amount of people (myself included) who prefer to only shop on Amazon but have a preference for specific brands. So if you are not on Amazon and those customers know your brand you will be losing them to your competition.

When there are 90 million Prime members in the US alone that your competition is a part of, you need to be too.


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Benefit from other peoples marketing and price checker software.

Over 80% of shoppers price check online when shopping in a store. This is not only a crazy figure but if they have a Prime account that they are paying for then they are going to buy it on Amazon first especially if it is cheaper.

Your product will also benefit from this if it is related to other products that people are searching for and if you run PPC on Amazon it will give you even more exposure.

It doesn’t stop there either. If you are running Facebook ads, for example, and you are not on Amazon you are creating a desire for your product. The customer again will check to see if it’s on Amazon especially if they are a Prime member and if you are not they will someone else.




How Amazon Displays Your Products

The Amazon fire stick was one of the biggest selling electrical appliances ever and is still going strong. Amazon has created and continues to create a huge array of devices for which the sole intention is for you to purchase and interact with Amazon.

Primeday is almost a public holiday!  It is one of the biggest spending days in the world with billions being made.


Amazon Listing - Amazon Product Delivery


How To Kill It On Amazon



Getting complete success on Amazon and coming away with a business that is going to make you money for the long term and provide you with a strong customer base and brand loyalty comes down to these three things.

In this post, we are going to focus on how to rank your products and create an awesome Amazon listing that will crush your competition and maximize your sales.


How Does Amazon Rank Products?

For this, we will take an example product and go through the process of what a customer does when using Amazon.



To start, a customer will type into Amazon Search what they are looking for.


Amazon Listing - Amazon Search


Once the customer hits the return button Amazon will use its algorithm to see if your product is relevant. This will give the customer the best and most refined search results which in this case will put the silicone oven gloves above the normal oven gloves and other cooking utensils.

So by putting the right keywords into your, listings, you will get Amazon to see your listing for what it is.

By doing good keyword research whilst writing the listing and adding it to the keywords input in the backend as well as throughout the listing description and title you will be at least indexed in the search and the rankings.


CTR (Click Through Rate)

The customer will now be presented with the results of his search query. At this stage, Amazon is concerned about click-through rate and if your product is getting the highest amount of clicks than others in these results then that’s really going to help you out. Especially when your product is new and doesn’t have a lot of reviews.




Your customer has selected a product and clicked through to the listing we are now focused on the conversion rate.




Hopefully, after the customer has read and looked at the images they are going to press the add to basket button.  


Average Order Value

This is the final metric that Amazon looks at and even though it’s not directly related to ranking it’s still something they look at.


Amazon’s Ultimate Search KPI


RPC (Revenue per Customer)

Amazon wants the maximum revenue per customer.

If you can convert a lot of people on your listing which will give you a higher RPC and Amazon will rank your product.

Obviously, you are going to need a great click-through rate as well as a conversion rate. If your listings are converting well but nobody is clicking through, Amazon is not going to rank you highly. Amazon wants to show its customers something that’s getting a lot of clicks and selling a lot.


[convertkit form=5145413]

Your Ranking Formula


Great Product

This might sound obvious but I see people trying to sell products that are just plain inferior to their competition. Even if your product is the same as your competition you should be always be looking to add more. Bonus products do very well in this respect as do guides or tutorials.

Great Price

You don’t necessarily need to be the cheapest as a customer will put value in the listing, reviews and your brand. But the price does need to be fair for what they’re getting, so if your price is way off the chart it’s going seriously affect your rankings.

Great Feedback

One of the most important if not THE most important aspects when ranking your Amazon listing is great feedback. Having a good amount of positive reviews that you constantly monitor will pay dividends in the rankings. Just the same if you get some bad reviews it can be very hard to recover.

Great Product Listing

If you combine all of the things mentioned above with a professional looking product listing you have the magic formula to ranking well.

Having just an awesome product listing can generate a multimillion-dollar business without any PPC or launches.














Amazon is fundamentally a comparison website.

Unlike Facebook or Google, a customer is already on Amazon with a problem or a need.

This is great for sellers as they don’t need to get there leads attention, they already have it. In this respect, the customer will come to you by typing into search what their requirement is.

This leaves Amazon with the job of comparing the listings it has to present the customer with the best available option. So if your listing is optimized better, looks better and has a better title then you will be put above your competition and take all of the business.




STEP1: Earn The Click




Main Photo

The first and most looked at aspect on the Amazon product listings page is the main photo. As humans, we are very visual people and have an idea in mind of what we are looking for. When we see it on the listing and can associate that thought we had in mind, then its a case of the best and most creative photo will stand out and win.


Product Title

Product titles are not normally read all the way through. Customers will generally scan over them looking for a key feature they’re interested in or to confirm that this is what they need.

It is best practice to get your most searched for keywords and features at the front so they’re most visible.



The price is super important because once a customer is done looking at the main photo the price is next. They will then look at the other listings to see if this price is in line with the others on the page.

You do not need to be the cheapest but you do need to offer the most value and stand out. Presenting the product correctly will enable you to offer a premium price.



At this stage, reviews are still important but not as important as when the customer clicks through to the listing. The aim here is to have 5 gold stars showing which will give your customer the confirmation they need to click through.


Prime Eligible

Being Prime eligible is super important. You will naturally rank higher than listings without Prime and it also gets your Amazon listing way more clicks and increased conversion rates.

As we covered earlier a huge amount of Amazon customers are Prime registered and are only interested in shopping for Prime products.


Amazon Promotion

Having a promotion not only gets increases the chance of a click with more value to the customer but also adds another field to the listing that draws the eye and will make you stand out.


STEP 2: Convert The Click

Now that your potential customer has clicked through onto your Amazon listing its time to convert that click and get the product added to their basket.

You have to imagine that the Amazon listing page is like your customer stood in front of the product at a supermarket.

In a supermarket, they will be looking at the packaging, be able to look, feel and interact with the product.

Your job here is to replicate that experience as best you can so all of the customer’s doubts, concerns and questions are answered and they have no option but click the ‘Add to Cart’ button.


Main Photo

The customer will again look at the main photo. This time they will want to take a closer look and will more than likely use the zoom feature to see the finer details of the product and what it looks like up close. Make sure that your products are all HD and the optimal size to utilize the Amazon zoom feature.


Product Title

The product title is now even more important and more prominent to the customer’s eye. Again they will probably not read the entire title in detail but will scan it for relevant keywords and details that are important to them.

The title is also super important for ranking and Amazon SEO but we will cover that in a bit.


Product Photos

Aside from the main product photo your additional product photos are the most important feature of your Amazon listing and will more than likely be studied by an interested customer. Product photography ramps up a level on here too as they can have backgrounds and show the product actively being used. More on this in a bit.


Bullet Points

Customers will generally look at the top two and last bullet points on the listing, try to make those your most important points. I normally make my last point a money back guarantee and the top two my biggest selling points.


Amazon Promo

The promos options are placed in multiple locations around the listing. Not only do they offer value to the product offering but also more options for you to convert. It does seem like Amazon is putting more weight into the promotions and I recommend you have them wherever possible.


Prime Eligible

Being Prime eligible is a must. A huge percentage of customers will click out of the listing straight away and look for a similar product if they see it’s not Prime eligible.


Customer Reviews

Reviews are super important and a large majority of your customers will read some reviews before purchasing. Especially if it’s in the higher end price range. The number of reviews should not matter too much if product research is performed correctly.


Customer Q&A

Q&A is more important if you are selling an expensive product as people will no doubt have questions or require additional information that can make them good objection killers. They also act as great Amazon SEO by adding even more keywords to the listing and showing activity which is something Amazon likes to see.

So that’s the key features of a successful Amazon listing. Let’s break it down even further into what’s essential and the important points to back them up.




  1. Main Product Photo. The main photo has a direct influence on the listings page and is the centrepiece in the listing for the customer to examine. As stated earlier, we humans are very visual in our approach and probably have an idea in our mind’s eye as to what we are looking for. It’s the job of the seller to not only supply that image but exceed it, thus sparking interest and desire.
  2. 5+ Awesome Product Photos. Even though these really only increase your conversion rate as they are only seen when the customer hits the listing they are super important and are a massive decider in whether a customer is going to convert or not.  If your product photos are done well enough you should be able to answer all of the customer’s questions and concerns there and then preventing the customer from scrolling down to the reviews and Q&A.
  3. Keyword-Rich Product Title. This will not help with your conversions but it does show Amazon how relevant the listing is and if customers read it, will help with click-through rate too.



  1. Keyword-Rich Bullet Points. People do read the bullet points, they also help with relevancy and conversions. Well written bullet points will help keep the customer in the top section of the listing and combined with amazing photos will increase conversions.
  2. Keyword-Rich Description. The description really helps with Amazon SEO/relevance more than anything but some customers do read it and that will intern increase conversions.
  3. Brand Registry & Enhanced Brand Content. Enhanced Brand Content is becoming more and more essential as time goes on and has a big impact on the look of your listing pages and how you present yourself as a brand.
  4. Great Product Reviews. Having great reviews to get the Click and for conversions is very important and will reinforce the customer’s decision.



When a customer is looking at the search results your product needs to be the one that stands out from the crowd. Looking and being different whilst adding value and relevance is key to getting the click.


Amazon Listing - Amazon Search


As you can see from the photo above, some of these baking mats really stand out and catch the eye whereas others look second hand and have a nasty colour about them. People will not be clicking on your product if it looks like a smoker has already owned it for ten years.

The evolution of product photos is none more evident than in the silicone oven glove niche where the competition is fierce, especially on Amazon.com. As the competition got more intense so did the look and quality of the product photos with sellers getting more creative and offering more in the way of incentives.


Amazon Listing - Product Evolution

Main Evolution Points

  1. So it all began with one glove on white background. This is pretty much the most basic of product photos but if the competition is non-existent then you can get away with it.
  2. The next stage in the evolution was kinda the same but we now have two gloves in the picture. This could mean that they are now selling two as opposed to one or it just looked a bit better.
  3. Next was the hand in the glove. This gave it a lot more life like feel and enabled the customer to see what it actually looked like on the hand. We also go the first feature cutaway that shows the pattern on the glove.
  4. This photo is showing the amount of customization and branding their product has and is also stating that its heat and water resistant.
  5. The final photo has stuck with the more traditional design but they have bundled it with some meat claws and a silicone brush.
  6. If you always have the mindset to be better than your competition and offer more you will always lead the way in this evolution with your competition playing catch up.


If you want to see how to differentiate from the crowd then go to the most competitive markets on Amazon and see how they are differentiating themselves from the market and putting the flare in their offerings.


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Your Secondary Photos should not just be random photos of the product but should take the customer on a journey. By the time the customer has finished looking at these pics, their questions should be answered and they can visualize themselves using the product and how it improves their life.

Showing the product being used and if your really good in conjunction with other products you sell will give the customer all the information they need to make an informed buying decision before even reading a single bullet point.


The Best Results

To get the best results from these photos we use lifestyle shots. These kinds of photos can be seen in any department store or magazine and give the customer the impression this is what life is going to be like after they have purchased this product.

Another great photo type is use-case photos that will show your product in action and illustrate the tangible value a customer is going to get when they purchase.

Showing product in use-case style with a close-up window of a specific feature being used is a great look. Try to do this with making the photo look too busy.

Unboxing Photos / What’s Included. Showing the customer what they’re going to get and what your product has over the competition. this is a great way to show value but should always be combined with lifestyle shots.


Product Data / Details

Showing the product data, ingredients and combining that with some main selling points is very powerful and can really sell the product. You can also do a product guide give a ‘Who’ ‘What’ ‘How’ ‘When’ type graphic that provides the customer with a huge amount of information.

Using these types of images allows you to easily display your products differentiators to show what makes your product better than the competitions. What does your product do or have that they won’t get from others? Or they might get from others but your competition has failed to display it correctly.


Dimensions / Sizing Info

This is product specific but offering details on how a product fits and whether it is suitable for the customer’s needs is very powerful. Remember id your competition is doing this then they will get the conversion.


Certifications and test results

If you are paying to get your product certified and have a badge(s) to prove it they should be displayed clearly in the images and in your keywords. For example, a customer is looking for gluten-free bread they are going to type that into the search as opposed to just “bread” and when they click through to your Amazon listing it is extremely powerful and reassuring to your customers that the gluten-free certification badge is front and centre.

Not only do these badges enhance your credibility but again they are awesome differentiators that will make you stand out from your competition.


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Coupons / Offers

Using one of your images to offer coupons or special offers eg Buy 5x Products Get 20% OFF! Doing this is a great way to visually display the offer to an already very interested customer. Displaying the Amazon coupon code in the in the image with instructions like: USE CODE: SUPERDEAL66

It is also recommended that this be the last image the customer sees. By this time they are clearly very interested in your product and are enjoying the photos. Showing them a great deal at the end will get the maximum conversions.


Social Proof / Results

Showing listings and testimonials in your images or a picture collection of customers enjoying your product and using it is extremely powerful. If you can get your product into the hands of a well-known influencer this can have great results too.


Highlight USP’s / Differentiators

As you can see from this post and the blog, in general, I am very big on product differentiators and being different with your offerings.

By including these as a list in a photo can really give you an edge. If you are selling a product that is exactly the same as everyone else then adding a bullet point list telling the customer a bit about your business and why they should buy from you as opposed to the others.


  • Best Value For The Best Price! We keep out prices as low as possible without compromise on quality.
  • 100% Certified Organic and Gluten Free
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Small family run business right here in the USA!
  • Help us carry out our lifelong vision to plant as many trees as we can and restore out countries forests.


When highlighting your USP’s in this fashion try to think about what values your customer will have in relation to the product.  

  • Do they commonly have a lot of national pride and would favour products from their home country?
  • Is the environment a concern and watch their carbon footprint? If so emphasize how green your product is to the world.
  • Is your product complex so excellent aftersales and customer service would be reassuring to them.



Amazon Listing - Photo

These images work well if the product is super ‘impulsey’. A customer can get all the answers they need and see it in action in one shot. This works well for simple products like silicone oven gloves. Including items like product features, dimensions, shots of the product in use and any main differentiators will work really well here.


Comparison Tables

Comparison tables are one of the most powerful images you can put on your listing. Customers who shop on Amazon are already comparing your products to others out there it’s how Amazon is designed and laid out. With comparison tables on your Amazon listing, you are kinda controlling the comparison and message a customer gets.  Instead of them looking at different listings they can get the reassurance they need that your product is the best right there.

Comparison tables are extremely effective.


The Product Photo Stack

Amazon Listing - Photo Stack


All of the above culminates in creating a sales experience as your customer goes through the photos. I recommend starting by displaying the main features of the image, then quash any of the main concerns and questions a customer might have about the product. Then move onto differentiators and comparison tables followed by some social proof and finally any coupons/deals you are running. This will obviously vary for each product and brand but its a framework I try to stick to.


Amazon Listing - Product Guide


Check out what some of the biggest sellers in your niche are doing and not doing with their images and try to improve upon it. This is something that should be played with and constantly changed and tested.


Where to get your amazing photos created?


Amazon Listing - Virtuous Graphics

Amazon Listing - Pixelz

These are the two services I personally use to get all of my work done and have had great results.


High Ranking Product Title

Having a great product Title is not only important for the benefit of the customer but also for ranking on Amazon. Titles are one of the key features Amazon uses to decide who sits top.

Let’s start with what’s already working.

Type into Amazon your main product keyword.

Once the search results come up start writing down the most used words what appear on the front page.

We are looking to target 1 – 4 keywords (4 being the maximum).

Aim to have your primary keywords at the front of your title with the main one being in the first few words.


The rest will be positions towards the back of your title so be sure to front-load your titles with the best.


Remember that you are looking at what’s already out there and improving. Customers are constantly comparing when on Amazon and your title will be compared to make sure its better.


To make words stand out use the following:





Construct Killer Titles Lecture from The Amazon Seller Masterclass

Title Structuring: Branded Product Titles





GrillTech: SureGrip Silicone BBQ Gloves – High-Temperature Heat Resistant Oven Mitts – Stop Dangerous Burns & Spills While Grilling.


Unbranded Product Titles



Silicone BBQ Gloves – High-Temperature Heat Resistant Oven Mits – Stop Dangerous Burns & Spills While Grilling with SureGrip Technology.


Build an Amazon Listing For Mobile

In 2017 just under half of all Amazon purchases were made on a mobile device. This is important to take into consideration when creating your listings for the following reasons:


Amazon Listing - Mobile


The titles on mobile listings are shorter. Make sure to have your main and most searched details in the very front part of your Amazon listing.


Images ensure that your image is clear and stands out from the others on the search page.  


Your listing needs to catch the eye and drive the click away from all the other listings.


High Ranking Bullet Points

Bullet points need to provide all of the most important features and details about the product in a clear and eye-catching way. Bullet points also have a huge impact on how your product is ranked on Amazon and by entering lots of keywords and search terms you will see great results.


Amazon Listing - Bullet Points


Start by looking at what the best sellers in your niche are doing. Most of the tops sellers in a niche have spent hours and hours perfecting their bullet points to get maximum results. a lot of them will have spent huge amounts of money into research and testing too.

Use that information that is already there and build upon it yourself by adding your own product features and differentiators into the mix.

Bullet Point Tutorial From The Amazon Seller Masterclass




When starting a new Amazon listing and product line, it can very hard to get traction, initial sales and more importantly those first reviews.

If this is the case for you then it is a good strategy to offer a discounted launch offer for the first 100/200 products. I recommend that you make the price so you break even and adjust the price so the customer can see that there are sales happening and this is a reduced price.


Once you have done this make the first line of your first bullet point something like this.


**NEW PRODUCT DISCOUNT OFFER** This is a brand new HotGloves product! Available for a very limited time at this heavily discounted price only on Amazon!


This will tell the customer that the product is new and that is why there are not many reviews and also incentivize them to make a purchase. It’s very important to combine this strategy with everything that is written in this blog post and a solid Amazon PPC strategy. 


Bullet Point Structure


[FEATURE/BENEFIT]: Explanation of the feature or benefit in more detail.

So make sure that the feature or benefit is in capitals and try to keep to under 10 words. Follow that with a colon and then an explanation in more detail.




Pain & Pleasure

Whilst writing your bullet points it’s good practice to use the pain and pleasure method.

Your customer is in your Amazon listing because they have a pain point something in their life is not working or they need your product to solve a problem they’re having.

Address the problem(s) in the beginning part of the bullet point. State how this problem causes a huge amount of inconvenience and ask if the customer has had enough of these problems.

Also, find other problems that could happen to your customer that they might not even think of or how the problem could escalate if it’s not taken care of.

Once you have twisted the knife a bit release the pleasure by stating how your product can solve all of these problems prevent any other bad things from happening and generally make the customer’s life much better.

This technique is sales 101 and is proven to work time and time again. The key is not to be too pushy or ‘salesy’ but to just point out the problems and solutions in a conversational type manner.


The Last Bullet Point

This is the most important bullet of them all. It is proven that most customer will read the last bullet point over all the others and it should contain either your bonus or money back guarantee to seal the deal.

By doing this you will either mitigate the risk or increase the perceived value of the purchase. Both of these are extremely powerful and are the final push to get that conversion.


[convertkit form=5145413]

High Ranking Descriptions

Even though your description is nowhere near as important as your bullet points or title, it is still a place that should be filled with keywords and relevant information to your customer that will seal the deal. The further down the listing your customer goes the less likely they are to click on the add to cart button. Use the description to answer any further questions or issues your customer might have about the product so they convert.

Work in Progress

Your description should be a constant work in progress. Changing up the keywords and using long tail keywords is highly recommended. This is also a good place to add keywords and phrases that you couldn’t fit into your bullet points and title.

As stated earlier, nearly 50% of all purchases on Amazon were made on mobile devices. This is very important as the description is above the bullets points in mobile view and only shows the first few lines so try to make them your most powerful or eye-catching.

The goal of a description is to get the customer to go back to the top of the listing and click the add to cart button so treat it like a short sales letter.


Use Basic HTML

There are a few HTML tags that you can use to spice of your listings and stop them from looking like an ugly block of text.

The first tag we will use is the BOLD tag. This will make the text you select bold like this.

First, type the text you want in bold.

Then add <b> at the start of the text and </b> at then end

eg: <b>Source Ship Sell</b>

Now the text between those two bold tags will be emboldened.


Paragraph Tags

Just like the bold tags above put a <p> at the front of the intended paragraph and </p> at the end.

The final tag we will cove is the Line Break. This is the easiest because there is no closing tag. Whenever you want to start a new line just add <br> and that will put the text after that tag on a new line.


What To Include

Reiterate all of your best and most important points and photos. You can now put some of the key points and phrases in bold and separate the text up with HTML.

At the very bottom of the description put a call to action and or guarantee.


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Final Ranking Tips

Reviews are Important

Do everything in your power to remove bad reviews. But please don’t breach Amazon’s TOS.

Remember these are PRODUCT reviews if the review is about late delivery or the product showed up damaged then it will be removed from your Amazon listing.

If you receive negative feedback, reach out to the customer and ask them how the situation can be resolved. Try to do this quickly as possible and don’t get drawn into an argument, if there is no way to resolve the problem, move on.


Respond To Everything (Q+A and Reviews)

When you receive reviews, make sure to respond to them in the comments. These responses should be dense in quantity and quality. This keeps the listing active, encourages a great interaction with customers but increases SEO. There will be more keywords added to the listing that Amazon rank you for. You will also get good ranking in Google by doing this.

Be sure to respond as quickly as you can and as thoroughly as you can.


Subscribe & Save

If applicable, enrol your product in Subscribe & Save. By doing this you will increase your conversions exponential and it happens automatically. Even though the customer does not need to return to your product listing you are still making the conversions and Amazon will count them as such. This will rank your products much higher on autopilot.


Having an Amazon listing that is ranking high and converting like crazy is an awesome asset to your business. Your listings require constant refining and testing to get the maximum results and stay ahead of your competition.

If your budget is small, invest in the best photos possible. Amazon is progressing and as people are very visual in thought and decision making, having highly optimized photos are essential.

I really hope you liked this tutorial and take action with it.

Please leave a comment or question below and share it to help others.

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