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What is product differentiation and why is it so important?

The importance of product differentiation cannot be underestimated. It is something that is missed by so many sellers on and offline who just seem to be content following the crowd. Once you understand brand and product differentiation and what it can do, you will have a huge leading edge over your competition that they’ll struggle to compete with.

“So what is this product differentiation?” I hear you ask.

To put it basically it’s just making yourself different from everyone else. In this post, we are just going to cover the basics but the sky really is the limit with this and once you see your customers reacting then adding and expanding is the way to go.

Product Differentiation - Pink Suede Shoes

When you make your product and company different, you make the product stand out from the crowd. You are on another level, you’re on another playing field when people come to your listing they’ll say, “Well, wh


y aren’t other people doing this?”, and that increases the perceived value of your product and of the products that your company distributes.

What we’re gonna cover…

in the next few posts is the Unique Value Proposition, the UVP, and Unique Selling Proposition, both of which are very important. Both are kind of similar but we will cover the differences and how they both intermingle with each other.

For example, you’ve ordered yourself 2000 of the finest pink suede shoes.

Pink Suede Show Logo

You’re going to be selling them like hotcakes (of course) and you’ve got a logo. 

That is as far as  90 percent of private label sellers out there go. They got a logo, they stuck it on their product, they put it on Amazon and they’ve put the name of their brand in the title and they’re now telling everyone they’ve got a brand.


Its a product with a logo on it.

You are also exactly the same as your competition who have just done the same thing and got a logo on fiverr.

Always stand out from your competition and give your customers perceived value of your product and your company.

This is the Mitre Training Agility Ladder on Amazon.

Mitre is a huge sports brand that sells sports training products all over the world. I’m sure you might have seen them sponsoring athletes on tv from time to time.

As you can see from the listing image above it all looks a bit bland and is typical of so many products listings out there. This particular listing has some pretty poor images but even with decent images, the offering is still lacking.

But it’s got 50 customer reviews, four and a half stars, so it’s respectable. Looking at that and you’re thinking, ‘okay, but it is what it is.’

This is the Skillz Training Ladder

SKLZ Training Ladder on Amazon

As you can see straight away the images look much clearer and professional.

In the first image you’ve got the logo on the ladder, you get a Skillz carry bag which adds value and uniqueness. It also shows some metal pegs for securing the ladder too as well as a fully branded training guide.  

SKLZ training ladder in use

The second image shows another view of the ladder in use which is also very professional.

You’re perceived value here is you get a training guide, you got pegs, you get a carry bag, it looks really cool and nice and it’s not in bright pink in anything like that. It needs to fit in with the customer demographic and the fitness training look. Bright pink or some other color will reduce the appeal of the bag to just girly girls and will get a lot of men laughed at by their friends on the football pitch.

Girly Crap

Now, looking at this, I know I’m getting a bag, I’m getting a training guide, I’m getting pegs so I can hold it in. The point is that SKLZ are not a fraction of the size of Mitre but you would buy their training ladder over Mitres every time and that is down to the perceived value and how it is displayed.

Here is another example, a jump rope from Gold’s Gym.


Golds Gym - Amazon Listing

The picture’s pretty sloppy, there’s only one picture, it’s not the greatest of images at all and the bullet points could do with some work as well. It hardly inspiring and if you didn’t know the brand name you would probably move on to another offer.


The Master of Muscle listing looks much better.


Master of Muscle - Amazon Listing

Aside from the images and listing looking excellent you can also clearly see the product and branding. Unlike the Gold’s Gym jump rope you get:

  • A much more professional looking jump rope
  • A repair kit and tools.
  • A carry bag.
  • Free training guide.

Couple this with a detailed listing and images and the Master of Muscle listing is the no-brainer purchase.

Gold’s Gym is a huge international outfit with gyms and products for sale everywhere. But, again it’s the little guy who has won this battle by offering more perceived value and differentiating themselves.