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It was raining.
Why does it always seem to rain when there is something stressful going on in life?

It’s like God is saying “you think I’m going to make this easy on you!?”.

This didn’t bother me though, I had been working outside in the rain for most of my adult life. If you want to work in aviation then being weather durable, especially in the UK, is a must.

Not owning a car, common sense would suggest getting a taxi to the airport, but I didn’t.

I walked the 45 minutes in the rain to the airport, my place of employment.

This could have been a subconscious procrastination delay tactic on my part but I needed to get my head straight.
As I trudged into work I kept a grip on the letter of resignation in my coat pocket.
My mind was racing, “what am I going to say?” “Am I doing the right thing?” “I hope that none of my workmates are there watching”.
I went from imagining myself kicking the boss’s office door open and shouting “I QUIT” to a shy field mouse.

But honestly, I didn’t care anymore.

For years I had been dreaming of this moment, the day I ‘fire my boss’ and tell him where to stick his job! Even though there was no love lost between me, and my soon to be former, company. I now really just wanted to leave as quietly as possible with minimal fuss.

You see quitting your job and making that leap of faith to start your own business is a very stressful time. There are hundreds of thoughts and considerations flying through your head, most of them though are nonsense.

There is also the wanted and sometimes unwanted opinion of others, we shall talk about this in a bit.

The key to getting through it is to create as few waves as possible for yourself, have faith that you can do it no matter what and try not to listen to the noise. Just focus on quitting, getting out of there and starting on what matters.

[blockquote cite=”Phil Knight” type=”left”]”The cowards never started it and the weak died along the way”[/blockquote]

Heading through the staff security gate my heart was thumping. The security staff all knew me, I had been going through there to get to work for years. But here I was out of uniform, soaking wet, saying nothing and making very little eye contact.
They must have sensed something was wrong but they dutifully searched me and my bag and let me continue on.

My boss was fat. That sounds horrible but he does cast a big shadow and I could see the large round silhouette of him sat in his office window 3 stories above me.

Despite him being a bully and sometimes very aggressive towards his staff, he had never scared nor intimidated me. On that day though the walk up the stairs to his office seemed to take forever and with every step my heart beat a little faster. I could hear some of my fellow workmates in the staff room as I walked by, messing around and eating lunch. They didn’t see me, thankfully.

The final few steps and there he was sat with his back to me. For some reason I was walking really quietly, almost like a ninja, sneaking up on him.

His office chair creaked and cracked under the immense weight that was being put on it and he looked like he was about to explode out of the shirt he was wearing. I walked up beside him and put the now crumpled envelope on his keyboard.

He jumped as he hadn’t seen or heard me coming and the office chair made another groan. He stared at me as I stared down at him and then he looked at what I had put in front of him.
“That is my letter of resignation” I stated.

I started to move away as I wasn’t interested in a conversation with him and muttered, for some reason “enough is enough!”. It was loud enough for him to hear but he had no time to react as I was already out of the door and heading down the stairs.

One of my friends who I had not seen and was sat at another desk said that he threw his office phone at the wall and was in a rage for the rest of the day.

I walked away feeling like 20 tons had been lifted from my shoulders I almost skipped back through the security check. I knew that everyone would be looking at me through the windows now and the word would be out (it doesn’t take long) but I never looked back.

Putting some music on my headphones which strangely enough was Vivaldi – 4 Seasons (recomposed by Max Richter) an unusual choice but I almost skipped down the road listening to it over and over again.

It all of a sudden it felt so right. All of the doubts, fears, concerns, and opinions from others didn’t matter now.


But that was just the beginning.

What I hadn’t expected was just how much things would change. I assumed that I would carry on selling on Amazon and getting the business off the ground, my friends would still be there and id keep in touch with my old work buddies.

Not the case.

My friends knew me as Danny the airport worker and as long as that was the case they were comfortable. But as soon as I left and became Danny The Entrepreneur, someone who was doing things with his life and taking a chance, that made some of them uncomfortable. I was doing things that they could only dream of, that they had made hollow excuses to themselves and others as to why they couldn’t.

The jealousy and bitterness began to set in and I started to really know who my friends were. Also, people find it hard to relate to your new mission in life. I am from a tough working-class town in the north of London. Growing up, life was hard, to say the least, and people just got a job and got on with it or turned to crime.

People like Elon Musk, Richard Branson and Steve Jobs just weren’t on the radar. To say you wanted to be like them or even just be an entrepreneur was “stupid talk”. Get a job, get a pension, retire and die quietly was, and still to a certain extent is the way of life.

I don’t hold anything against the people who distanced themselves from me during that time and its hard address the situation without coming across as being ‘bitchy’ or an asshole that nobody wants to be around.

I guess my point is that when making big changes in your life, it will change you as a person and that will intern change the people in your life too.

These days I embrace it and when people I meet look at me funny when I tell them what I do or I don’t get invited on a night out I think its probably for the best.

[blockquote cite=”I think Joe Rogan said that…” type=”left”]You are who you surround yourself with.[/blockquote]

So… you might well be asking “ok I’ve read this far Danny. What’s your point?”.

Good Question.

The reason I left my job and decided to go it alone wasn’t just that the company I worked for were a bunch of scumbags. It goes back way further than that.

I have always been a misfit/oddball.

If there was a group of people in the room I would be alone doing my own thing. I’m not sure why… no confidence? a different way of thinking? All I know it made growing up in what was already a tough place to do so, even harder.

I’m not saying that every successful person needs to be this way, far from it. But being outcast and never really being a part of the group was natural to me and even when I was at school I still found a way to make money from the group.

When I worked at the airport I made money from my workmates and now I am doing it full time and loving it.

Steve Jobs’s famous inspirational speech at Stamford University.

So figure out what it is your love, your passion. What gets you out of bed in the morning with enthusiasm? And do that. Even if it is just writing a blog or recording yourself on YouTube.

The most successful famous people on the planet started somewhere and they were probably pretty crap too.

One last word before I finish this.

If you are looking to quit your job try to make sure you have enough money coming in first from your side hustle be it selling Amazon, drop shipping, retail arbitrage whatever.

Have a plan you can jump straight into once you’ve quit so you can hit the ground running.

And most of all listen to your heart. If you are not happy and it is feasible for you to jump then do it. You will get negativity, concern and people holding you back but follow your heart and work your arse (ass) off.