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There are many places Amazon top sellers go for inspiration on the next product they’re going to the source. But if you are new, where do you start?

The number one question I get, almost on a daily basis, is how do I find a great selling product?Or something similar to that effect. As a result of being asked this so many times, I have become quite good at answering it. The next question that comes almost immediately after is “where can I source these products?” Another totally valid question that would concern any newbie/aspiring online seller.

I was once there too, I didn’t have a clue what I was going to sell or how to do it I just knew I wanted to sell stuff and make money. It makes sense right? Buying something for one price, selling it somewhere else for a higher price and keeping the margin is the oldest and simplest way to make money. Why complicate things?

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In this guide, I’m going to answer those questions. We are going to cover:

  • Where to go to Find Products That Are Guaranteed to Sell!
  • The Correct Types of Products to Sell and Which to Avoid
  • Super Cool Free Tools That Expose Hot Selling Products
  • The Four Best Websites to Find Products Dirt Cheap to Resell
  • PLUS: My No1 Secret Sourcing Website That Has Products With HUGE Profit Margins!

REMEMBER: Product research is very important and will either make your business a roaring success or crash and burn. Be sure to check out our Jungle Scout Product Research Guide and FREE Product Research Guide before taking action.

Jungle Scout

Where To Find Hot Selling Products:


This has to be the number one place anyone goes when looking for products. Alibaba.com is one of the biggest websites in the world and has hundreds of millions of factories and traders looking to sell their products to you.


Unlike other websites you can buy stuff from, Alibaba has no checkout area and all purchases must be done by communicating directly with the factory. This can seem a little daunting or intimidate first timers but there is really nothing to worry about and most factories are happy to speak with any potential customers.

One part of the website that does have a checkout area and is much easier to buy small amounts is Alibaba Wholesale. This is great if you are just starting out and only have a small budget, its also more user-friendly for newbies.


AliExpress is the sister website to Alibaba and even though they are run by the same people they are very different. AliExpress is kinda like the Amazon of a version of Alibaba and even though is not as big (not many websites are) it still has a huge amount of products that can be ordered through a checkout page.


Popular with drop shippers and startups AliExpress is an excellent place to find products and inspiration for new lines. Seeing as you are more than likely dealing with a factory or trading company on AliExpress it makes extremely easy to scale when you find that hot selling product.


DHGate is a lot like AliExpress but you will find a variety of different products on there and you should also be aware of replicas/fake products for sale on there. DO NOT SELL FAKE PRODUCTS! It’s not worth it and you can make even better money in the long run by starting your own brand.

DHGate Lots

Another difference with DHGate is a lot of their listings have the products sold in lots. Which means you have to buy set amounts for a discounted price (see image above).


Aside from having the worst logo in the world, BangGood is another excellent site for getting cheap products in small quantities. I use it all the time for flipping small amounts of product for good profits. They also have a very good customer rewards program that you will benefit greatly from with the amount of product you’ll be buying.


A word of warning with BangGood and DHGate is to keep an eye on the orders you place. I have had a few orders not be dispatched or wrong quantities have been shipped. This doesn’t happen often but is something to be vigil about.


Here is my secret product source!

Well it’s not really a secret but it is a great way to get products not just from abroad but also in the States too. I have found tons of great opportunities on here and it is very cheap to be a part of. This is by far one of the best options available.

SaleHoo Is Awesome!

One of my favourite things about Salehoo is how beginner friendly it is and also allows you progress from making money with drop shipping if the budget is tight to making much larger orders and in turn bigger profits. I am also very impressed with their website and customer service too. Take a bow Salehoo! 🙂

The Correct Types of Products to Sell and Which to Avoid

As you have probably seen from the directories and marketplaces above there are A LOT of products to choose from. So how do you know which to go for? What would be the best option?

There are some considerations to take into account when selecting a product

Things To Avoid   Thumbs Down!

  • Products Sold in a Supermarket:  I the product you are looking to sell is in supermarket then please avoid it and niche down further.
  • Bulky Products: Sourcing large bulky products like wardrobes or other large objects will massively increase your shipping costs, times and are also a headache to store often with even more expense.
  • Heavy Items: Try to avoid products like dumbbells that will cause a lot more in shipping costs and generally just a pain if you have to handle them too.
  • Food & Drink: Shipping any kind of food and drink brings a whole new set of issues with customs, hygiene, the product is often very fragile and the margins can be tight.
  • Trademarked: No Nike! There are a lot of ‘suppliers’ in China that are offering all kinds branded good at cheap prices. PLEASE AVOID ALL OF IT. These items are fakes and can land you in hot water very quickly.
  • Complex (moving parts/mechanical): The more parts that move the likely things are to go wrong, break during shipping or just be poorly constructed.

Learn To Build Your Empire

Things To Look For   Thumbs Up!

  • Is Product Selling? There are many tools out there that can tell you if a product is flying or dying but just looking on Amazon and seeing how recent and often the reviews are can be a big clue.
  • Easy to Ship: A product that will not break during shipping always a good thing. Something solid or all made from one piece of material would be ideal.
  • Small and Light: Both of these will keep your shipping costs down and maximize your storage.
  • Sale Price 2/3 X Cost: Is the product you are looking at on Alibaba selling on Amazon for 3x the price?  Yes. Hurrah!
  • Ideal Selling Price $20 – $120: Anything cheaper and you profit margins won’t be that great. Anything more and the customer might have to think about as opposed to buying on impulse..  which is what you want 😉
  • Constant Stream of Buyers: Your product should have good demand all year round and not be seasonal so that you are not sat on them for half the year.

Tools Of The Trade

The number of free tools out there that will help when looking for products. If you combine what you have learned above with these tools you will have an idea of what to go for. We must caution though even though these free tools are good at telling what’s selling there is no substitute to paying for a more premium service that can deliver way better data.


This website is one of the best and most popular websites when searching for products and bargains on Amazon.

Firstly you will need to sign up for a free account. Once this has been done and you have a product in mind that you want to see its price history and how well its selling copy the ASIN number from the Amazon listing Additional Information section (see image below).

amazon top sellers

Once you have copied the ASIN number paste it into CamelCamelCamel’s search bar. You will then be presented with a host of charts, let’s go through them so you understand what you are looking at.

amazon top sellers

As you will see the top of the chart there are three tabs (red box). The first of the tabs is the price history and can be adjusted to 3rd party seller or Amazon FBA with the key on the right-hand side. This chart is particularly useful as it tells us if the product has held is price or gone up or is dropping in price over time. This information should not be make or break but taken into consideration when looking at the bigger picture.

amazon top sellers

The next chart (above) is the products sales rank history and is one of the most important pieces of data when doing product research. The history of this particular product is not too bad as the lower the ranking number the better the sales rank. Typically when a product sells on Amazon it shoots up the sales rank for that category and then starts to descend until it get another sale and then shoots up again. As you can see in the chart above the product is often not descending very far before making another sale. Of course there a huge amount of variables involved in a products sales rank and this should only be taken as a rough guide to give you an idea.


Keepa is a plugin for Google Chrome and Firefox that will give you sales rank and price history right on the Amazon listing page.

So why tell us about CamelCamelCamel when Keepa does it all on the Amazon page? I hear you ask. Well, the thing is, all these tools are great but like I said they are free and sometimes a sales rank will work on one tool but not on others, so its best to have at least two so you can flick between them and get the best metrics.

Product research is a huge and very important topic, please use this as a guide and the websites as inspiration for the types of products you would like to import and sell.  I hope you have found this report useful and please comment or send us a message with any questions or suggestions and I wish you every success with your product research.