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In this post, we are going to look at some examples of private labelling on products, how others are adding massive value to their offerings and how this can be incorporated into building a brand.

By the end of this of this section, you will see how just private labelling your products and sticking a logo on them can really add a lot of perceived value.  It can also put the product in a position to be made into a brand with packaging, marketing, Amazon brand enhanced content and a huge amount of other options available.

When deciding to build a brand around a product it really starts with slapping a logo on the product and often on the packaging. This is a great start and once you have registered your trademark you can get you Brand Enhanced Content with Amazon that also adds a lot of perceived value. There is also a ton of options to add to your product and surrounding to turn it into a brand with buzz and following.

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Master of Muscle – Private Labelling

In our first example, we are going to use the Master of Muscle skipping rope. These guys have been doing private labelling for ages and this product was one of the products that inspired me to get started selling on Amazon.


Private Label - Skipping Rope


Product Logo

As you can see in their main product image they have the logo printed clearly and professionally displayed.

Private Labelled - Skipping Rope


Product Branded Guide

To accompany the skipping rope there is a fully branded training guide. This not only looks amazing but gives loads of perceived value. If the guide is useful, it will give sellers loads of positive customer feedback/reviews.

Private Labelled Bonus Training Guide


Product Packaging

There is also a picture of the product’s packaging in the listing. This might seem weird as who cares about the packaging right?  But this adds to the buyer’s perceived value of the product and also gives more credibility. When in a physical shop your buying decisions are made from the packaging, it’s about quality and look.

Private Labelling - Packaging


Product In Use

The final image is the product in use and in this case, it is a man wearing a branded Master of Muscle vest. This again adds to the brand and products credibility.

private label product demo


Alibaba Listings For Product

Now if we head over to Alibaba and look for these skipping ropes on a wholesale capacity you will see there are ones available that are very similar if not the same.

Alibaba product listings

Their listings will indicate that factories are happy to offer OEM (original equipment manufacturer) or “private label” the product. So once you have got your logo designed you can have it added.

Look at doing the same with packaging design and creating inserts, guides or anything that would compliment your product. We will cover all of this later in the course.


SKLZ – Private Labelling

For our next example, we will look at a huge private labeller on Amazon called SKLZ. These guys have a massive range of sports and fitness training gear.


SKLZ on Amazon

private label sports ladder

SKLZ have made full use of the product images in their listings to fully show off their brand. Like the Master of Muscle listing, we can see they have a great image of the product as their main listing photo.


Product Branded Carry Bag

They have also made full use of the branded carry bag showing it off on its own to enhance more perceived value.


Product Alibaba Listings

Back in Alibaba again you can see very similar training gear that factories offer private labelling services and are more than happy to work with you on.

Alibaba listings


Web Hosting Private Labelling

Another great example of private labelling that is away from the physical products but is still the same concept.

If you Google “web hosting” you will be met with thousands of companies offering you their web hosting services. 99% of these services are private label resellers with rented server space from larger companies like GoDaddy, HostGator, Amazon Web Services.

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Web Hosting - Google Results



Adding a logo to your product is the tip of the iceberg. Your products and what you add to them can add a huge amount of value and credibility to your offering.

You can also add further layers of branding with websites, sponsorships, press and by creating a massive social media following. Combining this with the power of FBA and the sky truly is the limit.

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