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Why Do What You Love?

Doing what you love will shine through in your brand, your work and how you communicate with customers. In this blog post, we’ll cover why you should do what you love and illustrate how it will benefit in the long term. We’ll also cover the massive benefits for your customers too.

Flower Shop - Working With Passion.

Doing what you love gives you passion, not only for your work and the passion that you put into the product. But also what your customers see when they communicate with you, be it in person or over the internet. It’s not just going to be a quick email, it will probably be something like an engaging discussion or paragraphs of awesome information.

You’re super enthusiastic about the product because it’s something you enjoy doing and that really does shine through.

Superior Knowledge

I could go out and buy some gardening stuff and try and sell that.  I could probably sell it quite well and do a little bit of research online, but compared to someone who does gardening a lot or really enjoys gardening or is a gardener or used to run a gardening business, my listing next to their listing, say on Amazon, you are going to see the difference massively.

They’ll be able to write until the cows come home about this new super chrome shovel, whereas I’m just going to put “This is a super chrome shovel.” Do you understand what I’m saying? So superior knowledge in all aspects as well, in customer service and how you respond to your customers, again, giving them the knowledge and giving them advice and tips on how to use the tools and your product are superior.

A Great Work Ethic

You’ll be motivated, get up every morning, get a website or blog up or doing marketing or making more listings or taking product photos. It’s going to really affect you as a worker and it’s going to give you so much motivation.

Customer Understanding

When you’re communicating with your customers and they start getting technical with you, say you’re in a market or niche where there are certain things or they start referring to something that only people in that niche or in that market would understand, then you will understand that. If you’re just selling the product and you get that, then you might have to Google it and you might have to just kind of blag your way through it a little bit.

Customer Service

I’m not going to say there’s anything wrong with that so long as you’re getting it right and you’re helping the customer. But if you have that customer understanding, you’re able to respond to the customer in a detailed and helpful manner and also maybe give them hints and tips to help them solve their problem that others can’t.

Product Knowledge

You’re going to know the product. Not only that, when you’re speaking to factories and ordering products, you’re going to be able to speak to the factory on a lot more competent knowledge than someone who’s never seen, heard, used or held the product before. You will know the product. You’ll also know there can be some quick improvements already that can be made to the product that is cheap and you could do whilst the product’s being made. That will already give you a huge competitive advantage.

Branding Knowledge

If I was selling a product that I had just researched on Jungle Scout and had very little idea about the niche, its customers and their likes. It’s going to be much harder for me to package and brand the product correctly. If you know and are passionate about it you will already know what works and, more importantly, what can be improved.

Last, But By No Means Least, Happiness

Doing what you love makes you happy and that is the number one goal over everything, is happiness. I love being happy, I do what I love, I’ve got loads of little projects, I’m a right little entrepreneur and I’m happy.

I can tell you now if you do what you love, and you get up every morning and you know that you’re going to be doing something you enjoy, it brings happiness throughout your whole life and that is very, very, very important.

You don’t have to be a pro in any certain market or even do it regularly. I mean, it should just be something that you’ve had experience in and enjoyed. Let’s say that you’re having trouble thinking of something, you’re not really sure, you haven’t really got a lot of hobbies. Well think about this, you don’t have to commit to something that’s a lifelong passion.

Let’s say for example you went to a baking course last month and you’ve done two evening classes baking cookies and cakes and bread or whatever else, and you loved it, you really enjoyed it. You brought home your wares and your family enjoyed all your cakes and cookies as well and you had a great time. There you go! That’s something you enjoyed, you know you’re going to get enjoyment out of it, you know you get enjoyment out of selling that stuff and learning more about it in your own time and also getting paid to learn about it as well.

Not Sure Where To Begin? Don’t Panic!

Don’t think “oh my god, I’ve not done any gardening” or “I’ve not got any hobbies”, “I just haven’t got the time, I’m working all the time”. Look at some of the things you’ve enjoyed in your

Fishing Rod Business

life, some of the experiences you’ve had. Those are things that you could get into and research more. If you enjoyed them from the offset, why wouldn’t you enjoy them now?

Pen, Paper and Braindump

What we need to do now is just grab a pen and paper and list out your hobbies and things that you enjoy, things you get pleasure out of, things like hobbies like you enjoy cooking, dog walking, listening or playing music, watching videos, playing video games, knitting, fishing, shopping, personal pampering, anything you like that will work.

Sports you like to participate in or watch, walking, hiking, the gym, home fitness training, football, tennis, ping pong, fishing, kickboxing, frisbee throwing, beaver hunting, anything you like.

Anything you think “Yeah, I could do that.” or “Yeah, I’ve done that before and I really enjoyed it.”

Those are the things that you enjoy and those are things that are going to get you motivated and that’s going to really shine through in your products.

These first few posts are all about preparation and preparing, getting the foundations in for your brand. Getting you offering right, doing the research on your products/niche and getting it right the first time.

When you go to order your product, you know exactly what modifications you want to do. You’ll know exactly what the customer wants and get straight on with making your product unique with awesome branding.

Differentiate yourself from the competition and give yourself a competitive advantage.

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