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Getting Started

In the beginning stages of private labelling and branding your product(s), there are few points that should be taken into consideration.

More than ever it is becoming easier to get your product private labelled and/or make modifications. But there are still a lot of factories and trading companies that will resist getting this done or will charge an awful lot for the pleasure.

Be sure to take this into consideration if you are still in the product research phase and there are only a few suppliers for your for your desired product.

Private Labelling a New Line

Get the minimum done to the product in terms of modification and focused on what can be added to it. Like packaging and branding materials.

This is more cost-effective and a safer route than working with a new factory on design changes or product modifications.

If you have a product and are having trouble getting your current supplier or finding one to work with you then it might be an option to use a middleman service that will do the printing and branding for an additional fee.

Private Labelling and Branding Your Product

This will, of course, bite into your margins and can dramatically increase your shipping fees depending on their location.

Work The Branding Not The Product

If you are getting started with private labelling and are just starting to develop a relationship with a factory. My advice is to get the bare minimum done to the product ie just a logo printed on it or embossed.

Use the remaining budget on the packaging and branding. This gives new line a lot more perceived value, encourage customers to leave reviews and quite probably tell their friends. 

The power of branding cannot be underestimated and you should focus on that from the start. Making super unique modifications to your product can be expensive and risky if unproven or validated. Get the early sales first and build up a nice cash flow.

Packaging will be covered in detail later in this blog series.  Or you can check out everything packaging in my Private Label Course… 

Learn To Build Your Empire


Simple Private Labelling and Branding - A Donut is a Donut.

Start Small Think Big

There’s a real danger I might come across as a hypocrite here. Yes! You can use these techniques and become a massive brand and yes, these are the same methods used by enormous companies just toned down for the layman to use.

But starting small is essential.

It’s common to underestimate how much is involved when starting in private labelling. There are a lot of hidden costs and it is hard for a factory to give you an upfront price. It’s also hard for you to gauge the price until you get the landed quote.

Try to get into keeping your costs to minimum from the start even during the product research phase. I have two detailed product research tutorials on this blog that will get the job done. One of them is free and the other requires paid software both with obvious pro and cons.

Keeping costs to a minimum will give you more funds to what counts and generally be ready for anything unforeseen.

The video below has been taken from my Ultimate Guide To Private Labelling Course. It covers take into consideration when starting out.


In Conclusion (sorry to repeat this again but it’s important)…

Your thought process should be thinking about what sort of branding and packaging to add that can wow a customer.

What experiences have you had with certain products that have really impressed you even before you have seen the product?

Most of these sorts of things like product inserts or cleverly designed boxes are pretty cheap to produce but give a huge amount of perceived value.

They show the customer that you care about the product and that will make the customer feel like you care about them their experience with it.

This might seem deep but this is what separates the sellers on Amazon with just a logo and a listing. To the sellers who have an awesome product that customers are buzzing about in the reviews, sharing on Facebook and interacting with you on your new branded website.

This can be done with little change to the product but with huge action on what’s happening around the product.