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Start Basic

It’s common to see private label sellers obsess over logo design and how their new brand should look.

Please don’t.

Your brand including your logo will develop and change over time as will your products and offerings.

There will be constantly new things happening. There are new experiences, you’re getting customer feedback, you’re adding more aspects to your brand, you’re adding more products, testing, metrics and just generally seeing what is working.

Your business will evolve and so will the way it looks.

“Amazing” Is Not Essential For Initial Logo Design

Logo design can be fun!;)

When you want to get your first logo — your initial logo design — it doesn’t have to be that amazing. Don’t put hours and hours of thought into this and waste a lot of time.

Just get a logo that you like the look of and will work well with the products you currently have.

Putting your heart, soul and wallet into a logo, trying to get the new Nike swoosh in the early stages could well end in an expensive disappointment.

Where To Go For Inspiration?

Thankfully there are some great places online where you can get inspiration for logos and brands and have them designed for dirt cheap. The reason for keeping things cheap is as already stated… Things will change and there is no point spending hundreds of dollars on a logo when things change and it’s not a good fit anymore (sorry to keep repeating this but it’s important).


This site has loads of template logos that designers can use to add your brand name and tagline (if you’ve got one). It’s also a great place to go if you are looking for inspiration on how you want your brand to look

You can pick up a logo template for relatively cheap or you can just copy the link and give that to your chosen designer for reference.

Google images,

has a fine collection of logos that can be used for inspiration or give to the designer as a reference. Be warned not to copy these designs as they could well already be used by other brands and websites.

Time To Start Hiring

Once you have some ideas as its time to get a designer hired.

Now you might be thinking a designer is going cost a fortune and you’re not sure what’s involved. Rest assured that getting someone to design a logo for you and process couldn’t be easier or cheaper.

Here are some of the best places on the net to get your logo designed.


This is most probably the cheapest place on the internet to get a logo designed but don’t let that put you off. Fiverr has some really good designers, if you are looking for a quick result, this is definitely an option.


Upwork (formerly known as oDesk) is one of the biggest freelancer websites on the net. It’s also pretty cheap, I’ve had great logos and design work from here for between $30-$40. If you just type in the search “logo design” you will be met with hundreds of options and if you post a job detailing your product how you want it to look and use some of the images you got earlier then you will get some awesome results.

HOT TIP: When looking for designers use the search filter and narrow the location down to the Philippines.

The Philippines work for a lot less. What we see as being not much is considered an awful lot more in the Philippines, and they’re lovely people. They work very hard. They’re very honest, and they come up with some great work.

logo design on private label products


I love 99designs. It’s actually brilliant. You can do all sorts of design projects on it. The logo designers will do all kinds of logo design for you but at a hefty price. If you have a high budget or require a full branding for a P.L product this could be the option.

This, for me, in my opinion, is too much money to be spending on a logo when you’ve just set up. Maybe go, have a look at 99designs, and use their designs as inspiration then go somewhere lower priced.

If you have a big budget 99 designs is recommended.  You’re guaranteed a great result and interact with designers during the process to compare. But it does come at a price.

To conclude there is a whole host of options that you can use to get a logo designed that will really emphasise your brand. This is obviously relative to your budget and project size but keeping things simple is very much recommended.