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VIDEO TRANSCRIPTION: Hello, everyone. In this lecture, I’m going to give you an overview of a standard Alibaba listing. Now obviously, listings vary from product to product, the amount of effort a supplier will put into a listing, but I feel like I’ve found a listing here that kind of covers all the things that you will see on a standard listing. But please bear in mind, depending on the product, there might be some terms and variations that I’m missing. So you’re starting at the top here, we have the title of the product. I have gone for a 240ml bath jar with a spoon. So this is basically a title area where your supplier will put in the loaded keywords relevant to your product. Moving over to the left here, we have the product image. As you can see, this is basically a glass jar. They’ve modelled it with some bath salts in here, and they’ve got some other images here which are very nice. If you click on the image, you will see that you get taken through to more images and you can kind of slide through them using the arrows on the side here. If you keep going, it will show you some images that aren’t actually included with the immediate images in that top left-hand corner, you get a few extra ones and there’s also a video and some pictures of their factory, too. So you get a bit more of an overview once you click on the main photo. Okay, moving off to the left here, we have free on board reference posts. This is a common shipping INGO term which basically means that the liability for the shipment if you were to order with them, would end at them getting in on board the mode of transport of choice. So if you are ordering over ten thousand of these, you may well want to put them on a boat. It then becomes your liability and the responsibility for the shipment lies with you. This is pretty much every listing on Alibaba you will see this. You can ask for different shipping terms depending on your circumstances, but FOB is generally the way to go. Anyway, you can get your latest price here by clicking this, and this will give you a, open up a communication window with the supplier. Beneath that, we have a general overview of the price. It’s 0.57 pieces to 0.27 cents per unit, and it’s 10,000 pieces is the minimum order quantity. Now please take these as a rough overview and just get an idea of what the price is and what the minimum order quantity is. Once you open up communications with the supplier, then these are subject to change. You can offer more here, take more away there. Sometimes maybe not, I mean it depends on the supplier, what their circumstances are, but you can often get these changed with a bit of negotiation and conversation between yourself and the supplier. They’re normally very flexible on this sort of things. Underneath that we have the contact supplier button, so you can straightaway contact the supplier, go through to a messaging service on Alibaba.com and open up a line of communication with the supplier. Next to that is a start order button, this starts a trade assurance order with the supplier. Beneath that is leave messages. Now, this is kind of, you can leave the supplier a message by clicking here or, if the supplier is online, this will change to like a Chat Now and it’d be like an instant chat service. So instead of sending out an e-mail or a message using the contact supplier button, if the supplier is online when you’re online then you can have an instant chat with them, which is a lot quicker and you can find out information about the product a lot quicker, too. One other thing I should mention quickly, in the top of the image up here, you have a little heart button. This is the add to favourites button. If you click this, it should go orange and that has added it to my favourites. So now I can go to my favourites on any page on Alibaba website and reference this product very quickly. Next to the leave messages is a request for a free sample. You click this and it will take you through to a request form that you can send a supplier asking for a free sample of this product. Normally the supplier will ask that you pay for the freight and shipping, but the sample itself will be free. Heading further down, we have the information that the seller supports trade assurance, the seller’s usual payment terms, and shipping information where you can get quotes as well by clicking here. Off to the right of this is a box that gives you more details about the supplier manufacturing this product. At the top here, you have the name of the supplier and if you click on this it will take you through to the company profile. Beneath that is the number of years that the supplier has been in business, or been on Alibaba should I say, and the country of origin. Beneath that, we see that the supplier is a gold supplier with Alibaba.com, accepts trade assurance again, and has had an on-site check. We also have reviews here, they have got one review which isn’t a high amount, but they did get a 4.7 out of 5. , Alibaba transaction level rating and the number of transactions they have done in the last six months and the amount. So here it’s over $120,000 they’ve done in the last six months and that totalled to 16 transactions. Their response time is important. Now, the response time and the response rate are two metrics that you really want to pay attention to when looking a supplier. These guys are responding under 24 hours and their response rate is 85.2%. Anything under 60% on the response rates I would raise an eyebrow at, and you want that response time to always be under 24 hours. The reason for this is, at the moment this supplier’s giving you their best representation to try and get your business. Now, if these figures here are low now before you’ve even communicated with them or developed any kind of relationship with them, what’s it going to be like once they have your business? I mean, the response time, once they’ve got your money or once you’re in with them, the response time could fall away even more. And when you’re relying on quick responses and you’re relying on information quickly, on details on their orders you’ve got with them, then you want these response times to be quick now so you know that they’re going to get back to you when you really need it. Now, moving down into the meat of the listing, we will have three tabs across the top here. Again, this takes you to the company profile and their transactions overview, giving you a more in-depth look at the supplier. Beneath that are tabs. Now if you click on these, it will take you to various parts of the listing. So if we click on packaging and shipping, it will take us further down the listing to the packaging and shipping area so we can see more details on how this supplier packs and ships their products to you. Now we can jump again to their services. If we go to their services, you will see that they do label printing, so they’re in for OEM and private labelling, the different types of branding and labelling they do, packaging. They offer free samples, OEMs acceptable on lab tests and hygiene and various things like that. If we scroll down to the product description area on the listing, this is always a good sign as to how good a supplier is. You’ll see some listings on Alibaba and they are horrific on why anyone would want to send that supplier a message or engage with them in business is beyond me. You’ll see some murky, gloomy-looking image that’s just done with an old mobile phone and it’s just been thrown on an office table or something like that. This sort of thing really is off-putting to a buyer. I mean, if you’re looking to source these products and maybe part with thousands, tens of thousands of dollars, you need to be reassured within yourself that this supplier means business and they’re enthusiastic to do business with you and they’re enthusiastic about the product that they’re supplying. So when we look at this listing, you can see here that they’ve put some time into making a table and it gives an overview of details that you’ll want to know as you’re supplying or looking to source this kind of product. Going back to the listing quality, again, we can see here that they have put some time and effort into making these images look good. They modelled it here with some bath salts, they’re showing you here that there’s a label on here, you can put your logo on this label, you can have this as a private-labelled product. I dare say you could find bath salts very easily on Alibaba and maybe get these jars sent to that bath salt factory and they’ll pack them for you and the labels will already be on because these guys are going to stick the labels on and hey-ho, you’ve got yourself a nice little bath salt private label product that you can sell on Amazon or on your eCommerce store. Moving down, we have more product images. All of them are of a good standard, good quality. If you are looking to source this product and you have nothing similar, then often the factory will give you the unwatermarked images here so you can use them as a starter. So if you are looking to sell this product or start advertising it and you haven’t had time to get the product images done, then if you make a nice big order with these guys or you’ve developed a good relationship with them, you can ask them, “Can I quickly borrow these product photos? I need some just to quickly put on my Amazon listing or my website until I can get my own ones taken and sorted out.” If we click through to their company profile, this will give you more information on the factory or the supplier and is another way to gauge just how legitimate they are, as opposed to being a gold supplier, if they’re a gold plus supplier it’s, even more, a bonus. We can look at their factory photos here. There’s also a video of the factory and location, you can press that. And also, you can check here that they have had the Alibaba on-site check. Now, if you hover your mouse over that on-site check logo it will tell you on-site check, the supplier’s company premises have been checked by Alibaba.com staff to ensure on-site operations exist there. A third party verification company has confirmed the legal status of the supplier. Heading up to the top here, we have the home page, we have the product categories of all the different products that they sell. They are indeed well into the glass jar and glass packaging niche. The company profile, which is what we’re on, and giving you a great overview of what this factory is all about and what they’re doing and the contacts where you can contact them. You can also check them out with their website address at the top here and their phone number. If you go through this supplier’s product portfolio and you like their company profile, you can also save the supplier to favourites as well by clicking on the heart button there. That will save this supplier to a separate list, so you’ll have your favourite suppliers and your favourite products. So if you are looking to source a product from this supplier or you’re looking to combine products or whatever you want to do, you can save suppliers to a separate favourites list which is amazing. And that is about it for a listing overview. As stated, all product listings are different. It really depends on how much effort the factory or supplier wants to put into the listing, it depends on the product, it depends on your requirements and the information you need, but I think that this listing kind of gives you a good overview of all the common things you’ll find on any given listing on Alibaba. I hope you liked this lecture and I will see you in the next one. Thank you for watching.